Xerochrysum bracteantha ‘Dreamtime’ Yellow (Strawflower)

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If you love bright summer colours in your garden, the strawflower is definitely the plant for you and the best thing of all is that this Aussie is also very easy-going.

The strawflower is native to Australia, where the plant can survive almost anywhere, up to and including desert soil. The only thing it can’t cope with is frost. The species from which the garden plant is descended was created in around 1850 in Germany from cuttings from Australia. The plant blooms most lavishly from June to September, and continues flowering until the first night frost. Bonus: the bright colours attract butterflies, bees and birds.

The flowers of strawflower rustle like paper, even when they’re completely fresh and fruity. It’s an attractive, easy to maintain plant with lanceolate, pointy leaves and full, rich flowers in pink, red, yellow, purple, white and orange. The strawflower is a somewhat herbaceous beauty from the Aster family which does well in borders and beds, but can also enhance containers and pots thanks to its compact size.

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