Westland Bulb Planting & Potting Mix Peat Free 10 Litre Pouch

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Westland Bulb Planting & Potting Mix is a specially blended peat free compost. It has added zinc complex that naturally supports plant health for an abundance of stronger, healthier bulbs and vibrant flowers. It also contains grit to ensure there is free drainage with the perfect balance of nutrients. This Bulb Planting & Potting mix is ideal for either indoor or outdoor bulb planting.

Zinc complex is important in the production of plant growth hormone auxin and improves the transport of water as well as nutrients around the plant. Promoting root and shoot growth for stronger, healthier plants. It also encourages photosynthesis for plant energy production.

  • Added grit for free drainage
  • Correct balance of essential nutrients and trace elements
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor bulbs
  • Added Zinc complex helps build plant resilience

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