Vitax Ericaceous Feed 1L

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Vitax Liquid Ericaceous Feed is a concentrated feed with chelated iron and manganese to encourage strong, healthy growth and promote flowering of acid loving plants including azalea, camellia and rhododendron.

Apply at weekly intervals during the spring and summer to moistened soil around the base of plants or as a foliar spray in the early evening or during dull days.

Using watering can and rose: 1 capful = 20ml. Mix 1 capful in 6 litres of water and apply to the base of the plant to thoroughly soak the roots. Apply the feed every two weeks from March to September.

As a foliar spray: Mix 1 capful in 6 litres and spray on a dull day or in the evenings. Do not spray directly onto flowers. Repeat at weekly intervals.

Size: 1 Litre bottle

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