Vaccinium corymbosum ‘Berkeley’ (Blueberry) 15cm Pot

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‘Berkeley’, is a late midseason blueberry and carries attractive powder-blue fruit which are a great side and carry a pleasing light flavor. ‘Berkeley’ is often said to be the largest of the blueberries with fruits often over half an inch in diameter. The crops are good and regular and the plant is towards the hardy side for blueberries. These attributes have made ‘Berkeley’ the most popular in home grown varieties over recent years.

The rise in the reputation of the blueberry as a superfood has also led to a great increase in popularity. The fruits are packed full of vitamin c and antioxidants and are much more palatable than some of the other superfood alternatives. With claims of weight loss, fat burning, anti-aging, and memory and motor skill improvements there seems to be plenty of reasons to add more blueberries to your diet. Blueberries go great with cereal or as part of a smoothie and can make a great tasting jam too.

Blueberries are not self fertile so this will require a pollinating partner to bear fruit.

Supplied in a 15cm pot

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