Tradescantia ‘Sweetness’ 10.5cm Pot

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Tradescantia ‘Sweetness’ – If you’re a fan of the Tradescantia Nanouk then you’re going to love this guy! It’s like the Nanouk’s mini me – same gorgeous pink leaves but much smaller and more compact.

The Tradescantia or ‘Silver Inch Plant’ is a prolific grower, which makes it an ideal plant for sharing with friends! Simply trim the last 3/4 inches of your Tradescantia, place the cuttings in fresh soil or water and they will develop roots and double in size in no time. Alternatively, allow your Silver Inch Plant to fill its own pot and overflow the sides with long, hanging tendrils.

Care: Thrives in bright, indirect light. Water when the top 1″ of soil feels nearly dry

Supplied in a 10.5cm pot

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