Topbuxus Health Mix 200g (10 Tablets)

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Topbuxus Health Mix is a leaf fertiliser with trace elements from a natural base, which is 100% effective against the mould infestation of your box trees.

The use is simple and safe and can be carried out for both prevention and direct treatment in case of acute mould infestation.

So you can prevent the leaves or yellow edges from fading and give your boxwood a fresh green, healthy and shiny leaf. At the same time, it is less prone to disease, so that mould infections such as cylindrocladium can be significantly better prevented. Preventive treatment should be carried out 3-5 times during the growth period, i.e. from March to October.

Acute mould infestation such as cylindrocladium can be stopped directly with the Topbuxus Health Mix if the treatment is done early enough. Mould infestation is easy to detect from the brown dots on the leaves, which quickly spread as stains. This is followed by losing the leaves and then the branches die off if the tree is not treated.

With timely use and under normal conditions, a one-time treatment of the infested plant(s) is sufficient. In persistent warm and humid weather, it makes sense to repeat the treatment and carry out future controls.


For use, dissolve one tablet in one litre of water, this can take about 10 minutes. Then transfer into a spray bottle and spray the plant(s) to be treated.

One tablet, or dissolved in one litre of water, is sufficient for approx. 10 m².

Do not use at an outdoor temperature of over 25°C

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