Stromanthe sanguineum ‘Triostar’ 14cm Pot

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A native to the jungles of the Amazon region in South America, this is a stunning plant with variegated leaves in a spectrum of shades of pink, green and white. Part of the Calathea family and related to the Prayer Plant.

Position in bright, indirect light as direct light can fade this plant’s beautiful colouring. Plenty of indirect sunlight will encourage greater variegation on the leaves. Direct sun will burn the leaves. Protect it from cold draughts.
Does require some regular care. For example, regularly turning the plant will encourage even growth. Maintaining humidity is an important part of caring for this plant. If humidity is too low the leaves may brown at the edges.
Aim to always keep the soil slightly damp. Allow the top of the soil to dry out before watering again. In the winter months do not allow the plant to fully dry out but do reduce the frequency of watering. Mist weekly and if planted in a pot without drainage holes, mist more frequently.
Keep at a normal room temperature, avoid placing anywhere near a radiator. Do not let the temperature drop below 15°C during the winter months.
Supplied in a 14cm pot

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