Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) Mix 12cm Pot

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Native to South Africa, Streptocarpus (Cape primrose) are lovely house plants that are grown for their fresh green leaves and pretty, primrose-like flowers in Ireland. The flowers come in a wide range of colours, from white to pink, blues and purples, lemon yellow and red, and they are often bi-coloured. They bloom from spring though to autumn, offering a long-lasting display.

Grow Streptocarpus in a warm, bright spot, out of hot, direct sun – an east or west facing windowsill is ideal. In winter, move to a south facing spot for maximum light. Streptocarpus need humidity, so a bathroom or kitchen is ideal. Alternatively, stand the pots on a tray of moist pebbles.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

Height 25cm

Price is per plant

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