Semponium ‘Sienna’ 17cm Pot

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Semponium is a ground-breaking, world-first cross between Sempervivum and Aeonium. The stunning and unique rosettes and shrub habit of Aeonium are combined with the hardiness of Sempervivum to create vigorous hybrids in a range of completely new and unique natural colours. Endlessly versatile, these specimen succulents are sure to draw everyone’s attention whether they are displayed in a patio pot, used as gap-fillers in an exotic border or planted out in a rockery or gravel garden.

Semponium ‘Sienna’ boasts perfectly geometric rosettes of pointed, bright red leaves surrounding a lime green centre; jewel-like colouring that intensifies in strong sunlight. The young plants will soon branch out to form superbly bushy multi-headed specimens that are hardy down to around -4C. A horticultural landmark, this outstanding brand-new cultivar is a must-have for any collection! Height and spread: 40cm

Supplied in a 17cm pot

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