Selaginella lepidophylla (Resurrection Plant)

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The ‘Resurrection Plant’ comes from dry deserts, when it is unable to find water it will shrivel and curl in on itself as a protective method until it next comes in to contact with a water source.

After reaching water it will unfurl and become a soft green plant again! This plant is so resilient that it can be kept in the dark for years and still ‘resurrect’ when placed in water!


When you receive your plant, place it in a bowl of room temperature water. It could take four or more hours for the plant to revive itself, don’t leave it soaking for more than 2-3 days or it could start to rot.

Periodically soak the plant to keep its luscious green appearance, if it does start to curl and crisp up from lack of water – you don’t need to worry! Just soak it again or allow it to go do dormant for a while.

You can also care for this plant by watering it through regular misting, allowing you to hang it as you would an air plant.

Keep in bright, indirect light. Will curl up in low light.

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