Saxifraga ‘Touran Scarlet’ 1.5 Litre Pot

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Hardy alpine bears burgundy stalks with compactly-growing leaves, and over the course of Spring, will develop numerous bright pretty flowers,

Each flower will exhibit five petals which are organised into a star shaped flower, with the centre of each flower glossy and green. These delicate yet powerful blooms in their abundance will hence add a fiery edge to rock gardens, window boxes, paving, and walls. To ensure the best possible care for your Saxifraga, it is best to plant it into sunny, well-drained soil.

Alpines are ideal for pots, beds, Planters & rockeries
Perfect for filling gaps or planting into crevices in walls or paving
These hardy plants will return year after year, needing little maintenance

Supplied in a 1.5l pot

Price is per plant

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