Royal Seeds Pea ‘Misty’ 100g

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This is an outstanding variety, producing a heavy crop of 7-8cm blunt pods, borne mainly in pairs against bright green foliage, filled with succulent tasty peas. Pea Misty flowers and sets pods over a very long cropping period.

Sow from March to early June. Sow seeds 5cm deep in flat bottomed drills, spacing seeds about 2.5-5cm apart, in rows 60cm apart. Germination and establishment may be poor in cold, wet soils or from earliest sowings. When plants are 1cm tall provide twiggy stocks or netting for support. The peas will be ready to pick around 11 weeks from sowing, and regular picking will encourage further cropping. Net against pigeons, which can be a problem in many areas, and cover with muslin just before flowering to avoid attack by pea moth. It is ideal for successional sowings, and can be harvested from June to August.


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