Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer 1L

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Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer is the go-to insecticide for gardeners, it is fast acting and gives up to two weeks of control. It kills most common pests including Greenfly, Whitefly, Caterpillars, Blackfly, Pea & Bean Weevils, Sawfly, Leaf Beetles, Capsids, Red Plum Maggot and Plum Fruit Moth.

Use at the first sign of infestation. The best time to apply is early morning or late evening. Try not to spray in sunlight and when plants are dry at the roots. The maximum amount of treatments per year depend varying on the type of crop you are applying to. Edibles are between 2-3 and ornamental 4-5, check the back of bottle if unsure. Always shake before use. Always read the label before using.

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