Premium Baltic Charcoal


Premium Baltic Charcoal produces the highest quality, natural and 100% real lump-wood charcoal (alder), which is undoubtedly the best one available! It is ideal for slow cooking and BBQ’s because of its lump size. Due to its three layer packaging with a middle film one, the charcoal does not get wet even when left out in the rain, meaning the high quality is guaranteed at all times. Thanks to its attractive, large and handy packaging, very short lighting time, and long cooking time, this is the most favored charcoal amongst BBQ specialists, events coordinators and restaurants but also for household use.
Premium Baltic Charcoal 15l bags contain smaller charcoal lumps (10-50mm) for great vegetable and sausage BBQs. Premium Baltic Charcoal has also a very low humidity content, therefore it lights up extremely well and is easy to use. Do not need any ignition fluid, just a piece of paper.
Premium Baltic Charcoal is an ecologically produced lump-wood charcoal. Ecological lump charcoal is harmless to your health and does not produce pollution. The carbon content of the charcoal is 82%, ensuring a stable and high temperature during the cooking. Premium Baltic Charcoal meets the DIN-EN 1860-2 standards.
Instructions for use:
Before use, clean your BBQ. Pour the coals on the grill. Add a piece of paper, firelighter/cubes or pour over some cooking oil and let it set for a bit. Light the charcoal. The coals are ready for use in about 5-10 min when they glow strongly and are covered with thin grey layer of ash. The right temperature for grilling (300-400 C) remains for at least 30minutes due to its size. For longer and more seriously BBQs try our 50l or 30l bags with big charcoal lumps.
The charcoal is not meant for indoor use. Do not use any other fluid than the special one for lighting up the coals (for healthier process we recommend to use piece of paper or cooking oil and/or firelighters/cubes). Keep children and pets away from the fire. Do not leave the glowing coals without supervision. The coals could burn hot for about 1 hour after you have finished grilling.
Storage requirements:
The charcoal is sensitive to humidity and inflammable. Keep the charcoal in dry cool room.

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