Pleiospilos nelii (Split Rock) 5cm Pot

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Split rocks are a feast for the eyes! With their incredible shapes, colours and forms, they are made to blend in to the rocky South African terrain.

These flowering succulents produce large showy blooms tangerine in colour, sweet coconut scented and daisy like in form, with numerous thin petals surrounding a central disc centre. When flowering, multiple buds are often produced and flowers are staggered, lasting for only a few days.

Although split rock plants do flower, they are primarily known for their beautiful succulent foliage. Ever so slightly patterned with small dots all over the leaves these greyish green succulents would be completely camouflage in the wild.

Care: In winter water no more than once a month -increased to once a week in summer. Put them in the brightest spot in your home.

Supplied in a 5cm pot

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