Pinguicula Mix in 8.5cm Pot

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Pinguicula (commonly known as a Butterwort) is a popular kitchen window plant because it traps fruit flies and gnats. To supplement poor environment nutrition, the leaves make sticky droplets that catch and digest bugs via a series of glandular structures. As a trapped insect struggles, it triggers more glands and becomes encased in the sticky droplets. Once digestion begins, the leaves absorb the nutrients through small holes, leaving only the bug’s exoskeleton on the leaf surface.

A must-have for anyone who loves flowers, hates bugs, and already has a good grasp on plant care. They’re an easy-to-grow carnivorous plant provided you give them good light and pure water (low salt/mineral content of less than 20ppms) as a perk, if they’re happy they’ll flower once or twice a year too.

Supplied in an 8.5cm pot

Price is per plant

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