Pilea glaucophylla in 11cm Pot

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A small but charming trailing Pilea. With reddish brown stems and tiny round leaves with a grey green iridescent sheen, it’s a perfect option for a terrarium, or tumbling down from a pot

  • Light: Bright, indirect, shade tolerant
  • Water: Keep on the moister side in summer – water when the top couple of cm of soil feels dry, making especially sure not to overwater in winter and always keeping it from sitting in water
  • Soil: It prefer rich, well-drained potting mix
  • Humidity: This is a plant that adores humidity, but should be fine in an average room so long as it is kept away from heat sources and cold drafts
  • Temperature: It will thrive if kept above 20C, though will tolerate dips below this

Supplied in an 11cm pot

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