Philodendron verrucosum 6cm Pot

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A very rare and unusual climbing aroid from the tropical rainforests of South America. They grow up trees and along the forest floor and can climb like vines. It bears beautiful dark green veined leaves and beautiful hairy petioles. A very sought after plant and one for the collector because of its rarity.  A pure beauty.


  • Water: Let the soil become dry between waterings, if your leaves droop this means your philodendron is not getting enough water.
  • Light: Allow your philodendron to get plenty of bright, but indirect sunlight, too much and leaves can turn yellow.
  • Humidity: They can survive in a low humidity environment, but it will thrive with a higher humidity level. Mist the leaves regularly.
  • Temperature: They like to be in a warmer spot about 18 degrees C.

Supplied in a 6cm pot

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