Philodendron scandens ‘Micans’ in 15cm Hanging Pot

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The beautiful Mican’s leaves unfurl as a chartreuse colour edged in pink and then become a velvety, iridescent deep green with a deep purple-red colour on the back side that looks like shades of rusty orange when the light shines through. You can grow these as a trailing vine or you can train them to grow up a moss pole.

These like bright indirect light, as direct sunshine can burn the leaves, so if you have a southern facing window make sure to have a sheer curtain or keep the plant farther from the window. Philodendrons are known to tolerate lower light levels, but will not thrive. The best thing to do with plants is to mimic their native growing habits, which in this case means bright indirect light. Water these when the top couple inches of the potting medium is dry, but never let them sit in water as that will lead to root rot.

Supplied in a 15cm hanging pot

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