Pelargonium zonale (Geranium) Mix in 10.5cm Pot

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Geraniums are easy to grow and provide a long season of colour. They’re ideal for growing outside in sunny, sheltered conditions, but you can also grow them indoors in the conservatory or greenhouse.

Native to South Africa, they survive winter only in warmer regions. It’s therefore wise to grow them in containers, so you can move them indoors in autumn or during hard winters.

Plant geraniums in peat-free, multi-purpose compost in full sun. They’re extremely tolerant of drought, so there’s no need to water them regularly, but they will benefit from a high-potash feed every one or two weeks in summer. Deadhead spent blooms to keep more flowers coming.

Zonal pelargoniums have rounded leaves and bear clusters of flowers on long stalks.  They’re perfect for window boxes and patio containers.

Supplied in a 10.5cm pot

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