Papaver nud. ‘Gartenzwerg’ (Icelandic Poppy)

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Papaver nudicaule ‘Gartenzwerg’ brings colour to the garden! The dwarf Iceland poppy ‘Gartenzwerg’ captivates with its beautiful, colour-intensive flowers that shine in red, white, yellow or orange from May to September.  ‘Gartenzwerg’ is a biennial to short-lived species, which, however, spreads vigorously. This means that there is always a supply. ‘Gartenzwerg’ is a perfect perennial for garden soils that are well-drained and for rock gardens.

This small poppy plant loves sunny, warm places – here the magnificent flowers develop best. Since it does not need much space, it is also suitable for smaller beds, so there is a place for it in every garden. Dry beds as well as rock gardens or sunny slopes are ideal for the so-called “garden gnome”, which also grows quite undemandingly among stones and boulders.

The small perennial is best planted in autumn or in the spring.

The flowering time of the dwarf Iceland poppy is from May to late summer, so you can enjoy these pretty flowering perennials all summer long! The dwarf Iceland poppy ‘Gartenzwerg’ has large flowers that are cup-shaped and open; they bloom for an exceptionally long time.

Supplied in a 13cm pot

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