Nidularium ‘Fireball’ Mix 5.5cm Pot

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This variegated bromeliad is endemic to Brazil where it can be found growing as an epiphyte.

Produces rosettes of variegated, strap-shaped foliage with toothed edges. The leaves change from green to red-tinged when grown under adequate light. This plant can be grown in terrariums or as a houseplant, it is epiphytic, growing well on rocks and trees.


  • Water: Bromeliads should have a small amount of water in the tank and between leaves. Soil does not need to be wet but should not be allowed to dry out.
  • Light: Bright, indirect. More light will cause plant to colour up more.
  • Soil: Well draining, we recommend addition of perlite and/or bark chip.

Supplied in a 5.5cm pot

Price is per plant

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