Neudorff Sluggo Organic Slug & Snail Killer Ultra 650g

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Covering double the area that regular Sluggo does, the active ingredient is 20 g/kg hydrated ferric phosphate (equivalent to approximately 14.02 g/kg anhydrous ferric phosphate), a naturally occurring iron compound. It is completely effective against all species of slugs and snails.

  • No slime trials, no visible dead slugs.
  • Unique micro pellets are both ideal against juvenile slugs and snails in early spring, and allow greater coverage with the same amount compared to normal pellets.
  • Extremely resistant to rain.
  • Certified organic.
  • Biodegrades into useful nutrients for plants.

How to use:

  • Scatter 2.5 g/m² evenly: never apply in mounds or rings around specific plants
  • No waiting time before harvest.
  • Apply in the evening when your intended prey is most active
  • If an infestation is severe, apply to areas surrounding the area you want to protect as well, so that there is no escape…
  • Do not apply more than 4 times per crop

Supplied in a 650g bottle

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