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Nerium oleander Mix 14cm Pot

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Oleanders are a mainstay of Mediterranean gardens, widely used for screen planting, on hillsides and alongside roads. Flowering in summer, the large open clusters can be single or double, and come in many colours including white, pink and red. Upright stems are clothed with evergreen leaves which are long, slender, and an attractive shade of silvery-green.

Oleander is a tender shrub and must be grown where temperatures never dip below freezing, so in Ireland it’s only suitable for growing outside in the mildest areas. Usually, oleanders are grown in pots in a protected spot such as a conservatory, porch, or greenhouse, but they’re not suitable for warm centrally heated rooms. Oleanders can go outdoors for the summer months.

Good light is essential for oleanders to produce flowers. Indoors, site your oleander in a conservatory, porch, or cool room in bright light or outside in a sheltered spot that gets sun for all or most of the day.

Plant in a good-sized pot using a soil-based compost and place in a well-lit spot under cover away from central heating, or plant outdoors in a sunny, sheltered spot in mild areas only as oleanders won’t tolerate frost. Water regularly and feed during summer. Repot annually or top-dress, in spring.

Supplied in a 14cm pot

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