Natura Grow Pellets (All Purpose Feed) 3.5Kg

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Elevate your gardening experience with Natura Grow Pellets, an all-purpose organic plant feed and soil improver crafted from plants and nature. Vegan-friendly and entirely derived from renewable energy production, these pellets are designed to enhance the health and vitality of your plants while promoting sustainable gardening practices.

Formulated with a unique recipe that utilizes residues from plant processing within green energy production, Natura Grow achieves high organic and natural nutrition. These residues are carefully processed and locked into pellet format, ensuring a concentrated and effective plant feed.

Produced using only renewable energy, Natura Grow Pellets provide essential nutrients to plants in a sustainable manner. With a balanced NPK ratio of 8-3-10 plus trace elements, these pellets help plants retain water and thrive in their environment.

Natura Grow offers a natural and sustainable solution for gardeners, free from food waste and harmful chemicals. By choosing these pellets, gardeners can pursue their hobby without negatively impacting the environment.

Similar to earthworms, Natura Grow pellets work to aerate the soil as they expand underground, facilitating the penetration of water and nutrients to the plant roots. Additionally, they hold key nutrients and minerals needed for natural plant growth, promoting healthy and vigorous growth without the use of chemicals.

To use, simply spread the pellets onto the soil and fork them in. For established plants, sprinkle the pellets around the base to help retain water and provide additional nutrients for optimal growth.

Nourish your garden naturally with Natura Grow Pellets, and enjoy vibrant, thriving plants in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Organic plant feed and soil improver
  • Vegan-friendly and derived from renewable energy production
  • Balanced NPK ratio of 8-3-10 plus trace elements
  • Aids in water retention and nutrient absorption
  • Promotes sustainable gardening practices
  • 3.5Kg box

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