Mr. Fothergill’s Tomato (Standard) Shirley F1 Seeds

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Technically a fruit, but also Ireland’s favourite summer vegetable!  No surprise because nothing you buy beats the flavour of home-grown tomatoes.

An established favourite, that is an excellent show bench performer with heavy crops of tasty, high quality 85g/3oz fruits. Disease resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus, Cladosporium ABC and Fusarium. Performs well in greenhouses. Indeterminate.

Sow indoors January-March. A warm kitchen windowsill is all you need for starting these seeds. Sow thinly, 0.5cm (¼”) deep, in a pot of compost. Water well and place in a warm position. A temperature of 15-20°C (60-68°F) is ideal. Keep moist. Seedlings usually appear in 7-14 days. Transplant to individual pots when 10-15cm (4-6″) tall. Grow on in cooler, but not cold conditions. Plant out April-May to large pots, growing bags or greenhouse border. Harvest: June-October.

Tomatoes growing in a greenhouse require plenty of ventilation and water. Feed regularly once trusses have set.

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