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Mentha suaveolena ‘Variegata’ (Apple / Pineapple Mint) 12cm Pot

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Mint is native to Europe but is naturalised throughout the globe, and has been cultivated for its medicinal uses for thousands of years.

These days, mint is used mostly as a culinary herb, adding a fresh, summery flavour to salads, sauces, summer dishes and drinks. It’s easy to grow and, being perennial, comes back every year. There are many varieties to choose from, each with a distinctive flavour. Best grown in pots in a sunny spot, it’s a good idea to grow at least a couple of mint varieties in order to add variety and interest to dishes.

Known as apple mint, Mentha suaveolens, gets its name from its scent, which is a cross between mint and apples. Its flavour is more subtle than many mints, making it idea to use in cooking.

Sow seeds indoors or under glass, from spring to early summer. When all risk of frost has passed, harden the plants off by gradually acclimatising them to outdoor conditions, and plant them out in well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. If grown in the right spot, they plants will last for several years.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

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