Medinilla magnifica ‘Candy Piccolini’ (Rose Grape) 14cm Pot

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The Medinilla magnifica, like the name suggests, is quite magnificent. It’s one of the most graceful and stylish flowering plants you can grow indoors. Its dramatic, rose pink hanging flowers will add a pop of colour to any windowsill through spring and summer and in the winter months the glossy green foliage will come into its own.

Medinilla magnifica ‘Candy Piccolini’ is characterised by its pink colour and small flowers.

Keep well watered during the growing season, making sure the excess water drains away freely, but cut back a little during the winter. These plants prefer a humid environment, so avoid placing near a radiator and mist the foliage with water regularly. Feed with a good general purpose house plant fertiliser from spring to late summer and maintain temperatures above 15°C in winter.

Supplied in a 14cm pot

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