Loropetalum chinense ‘Ruby Snow’ 1.5 Litre Pot

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Beautifully unique, Loropetalum ‘Ruby Snow’ has a wonderful contrast of foliage and flower and makes a striking talking point in any design. The white, tassel-like flowers stand out magnificently against the dark purple leaves to bring a touch of early spring magic to your garden.

Perfect in pots, bold in borders and superb as a specimen plant, in summer you may also get a second flush of blooms – so you can enjoy this colour combination once again. The gorgeous foliage is semi evergreen too, so the leaves are only lost for a short period, so you have even more time to appreciate its lovely colour combination.

Ruby Snow has a creeping growth habit and will get to around 70cm tall and 40cm wide making it a great candidate for growing in a pot and it’s easy to grow too – a low maintenance shrub which tolerates both heat and drought well and is hardy to -10 °C.

Supplied in a 1.5l pot

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