Leucothoe in 6 Varieties

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Hardy and colourful, Leucothoe ensures a fabulous look for your garden, patio or balcony in the autumn and winter. Generally speaking the plant has elongated or spear-shaped leaves which are green, pale yellow, pink, or red, changing to purple in autumn. New foliage is pale green, then turns dark green and then changes in the autumn to dark red, but there are also varieties with variegated leaves. The lighter the spot where you place Leucothoe, the more beautiful the colour change will be.

Leucothoe prefers a sheltered spot with a couple of hours of sunlight and otherwise partial shade. The light is needed in order to enable the foliage to change colour properly. The pot soil can be slightly damp; give a little more water if the plant is in a sunny position.Prune after flowering in June. The plant will then have time to regrow and ensure a colourful display in the autumn. Leucothoe likes humus-rich, loose, slightly acidic soil.

Supplied in a 2L pot
Price is per plant

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