Lavandula angustifolia ‘Vera’ (English Lavender) 4.5L Pot

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Lavender Vera (Lavandula x intermedia) is a classic variety with aromatic chunky, grey leaves and mauve flower spikes in summer.

Makes a tall lavender hedge. Alternatively plant one as a border specimen. The flowers have a strong scent and are ideal for drying. They are also very attractive to bees and pollinators.

As with all lavenders Vera prefers well drained soil in full sun. Relatively easy to grow, simply cut back the flower stalks after they have finished, and then trim back plants again in April, if necessary.

Throughout history lavender has been grown for its medicinal properties. The essential oil is still in huge demand worldwide.

Lavender is also a tasty culinary herb to grow. Use in many recipes such as desserts, baking, cool drinks and cocktails. Try a delicious lavender lemonade in summer months!

Supplied in a 4.5L pot
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