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Hydrocleys nymphoides (Water Poppy) 12cm Pot

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Water poppies, Hydrocleys nymphoides, are a low-maintenance, perennial aquatic plant. Their species name, nymphoides, references their similar appearance to water lilies in the genus Nymphaea.

Delicate tri-petal yellow flowers with a purple center make water poppies easily identifiable. Their shiny, floating leaves are approximately 5 to 10cm and flowers have a diameter of around 5cm.

Water poppies are a favourite of several species of bees, including honeybees and bumblebees which makes them a great choice to aid in the conservation of these essential, but struggling, hard-working insects.

Water poppies can grow up to 30cm tall, but much of their size comes from horizontal spread, with plants reaching up to 1.5 meters. Water poppies flower June through August in water temperatures of at least 21°C. Although each flower only lasts one day, an abundance of flowers per cluster ensures their beauty continues all summer. Water poppies grow quickly in direct sunlight and warm weather. However, they are rather hardy and can be grown in regions with extreme minimum winter temperatures of around -4°C and up.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

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