Hydnophytum papuanum (Ant Plant) 7cm Pot

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Hydnophytum papuanum is known as the ‘Ant Plant’ or ‘Maze Plant’

In the wild, the ‘Ant Plant’s’ trunk is used as a home for ants, they create tunnels throughout the plant body and use its flesh for nutrition. In return, the ant waste is used to feed the plant and protect it from potential predators. Win-win!

You don’t have to worry about ants when you bring this guy home though, as a houseplant the ants have been evicted. If you sliced open the trunk (which we don’t recommend) you would see empty tunnels where the ants previously lived.


Light: A medium level filtered light will be best however they are tolerant of lower light levels.

Water: Although some people recommend keeping the ‘Ant Plant’s’ soil lightly moist, we personally prefer to allow the plant to dry out before lightly watering to avoid excess damp surrounding the trunk.

Food: During the growing season feed only once or twice with a half strength fertiliser.

Humidity: Will tolerate a normal home humidity level however will appreciate a slightly raised humidity. Use the pebble tray method or mist semi-regularly.

Supplied in a 7cm pot

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