Hosta Mix 3 Litre Pot

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Hostas are prized primarily for their foliage but they also have attractive, often scented, summer flowers. These hardy clump-forming perennials are popular with container gardeners and are unbeatable for low-growing foliage interest in spring and summer. Thriving in light and medium shade, they’re incredibly useful plants.

Hosta foliage is perfect for cutting. With so many different colours and textures available in the genus you can add silver, variegated, heart-shapes, crinkly or smooth leaves to a flower arrangement.

Grow hostas in moist, fertile soil in light or partial shade. Protect from slugs and snails. Mulch annually with well-rotted manure, compost or leaf mould and divide congested clumps every three to five years.

Hostas are typically grown for their leaves, but they do produce flowers as well. Hostas flower in summer, bearing purple or while blooms on tall stems. Hosta flowers can be quite pretty but they can look tatty after a few days – many gardeners remove hosta flowers so they can make the most of the foliage display.

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