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Gypsophila Duo Pink & White 12cm Pot

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For best results grow gypsophila in moist but very well-drained, slightly alkaline or neutral soil. Deadhead spent blooms regularly to encourage repeat flowering. Avoid disturbing perennial plants once established, as they dislike root disturbance.

Gypsophilas are a member of the carnation family, Caryophyllaceae. Gypsophila flowers are much loved by flower arrangers because they combine well with pretty much any flower – they are a favourite in bridal bouquets. They do exactly the same in a border, where their thin, wiry stems and clouds of flowers make them an excellent ‘filler’, bridging the gap between different plants and bringing an airy feel to a planting scheme.

Gypsophilas are ideal for cottage gardens, white gardens, gravel gardens and, of course, cutting gardens – just give them plenty of sunshine and room to spread. Around five stems are perfect for a good display in a bouquet or vase and the blooms should last at least seven days in water. The flowers dry very easily for arrangements, too.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

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