Gerbera ‘Twister’ Mix 12cm Pot

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Gerberas bear huge daisy-like blooms on long stems, from clumps of lobed leaves. Long-flowering, they’re perfect for pots, adding colour to borders and even indoor conservatory displays. Gerberas also work well as a cut flower – the large, bold blooms are borne on sturdy single stems and last for weeks in a vase. Gerbera daisies come in many colours from bright shades of hot pink, red and yellow to cooler pastel yellows, pale pink and white.

Plant gerberas in spring or early summer to establish in borders, where they will need fertile and reasonably well-drained soil. In pots, gerberas can be planted anytime from spring to late summer.

For growing gerberas in pots, use potting compost with a quarter to a third by volume of grit to ensure good drainage. Ensure the crowns (the centres of the clumps) aren’t deeper than the surrounding soil as this would make them liable to rot.

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