Garland Jumbo Tidy Pan

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A seriously useful tool not just for keen gardeners but all homeowners. Essentially this is an oversized dustpan, designed for exterior use. The extra wide ‘mouth’ is perfectly suited for use in conjunction with yard brooms. The Jumbo Tidy Pan is perfect for tidying patios, driveways, indeed any large area indoors or out. It is also hugely effective used in conjunction with a leaf rake to clear leaves quickly and efficiently. The stable design means that there is no need to bend down to steady the unit when sweeping into the interior. The Jumbo Tidy Pan need only be handled directly when emptying of the contents is required. The central hand grip allows for easy one hand operation. The Jumbo Tidy Pan features a galvanised steel front edge guard which ‘armours’ the product in even the toughest working environments. Manufactured from recycled polypropylene.

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55cm (22") Long 49cm (19") Wide 15cm (6") High



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