Ficus elastica ‘Robusta’ (Rubber Plant) in 21cm Pot, Height 110cm

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From the Ornamental Fig family, the rubber plant has been a popular houseplant from the Victorian times, but now there are newer and better varieties like this form with larger, and wider glossy leaves. Although we recommend that it is grown in bright but indirect light, rubber plants will tolerate a couple of hours of morning sunshine.

These are easy plants to care for as long as you are careful with the watering. Only water once the compost is dry to touch, and make sure that the plant isn’t left standing in water. You can mist the leaves during the summer to increase the humidity. Occasionally wash the leaves with a damp sponge or cloth to keep the foliage glossy. Try to maintain an average temperature no lower than 12°C in the winter, and avoid any sudden drops in the temperature and cold draughts.

Supplied in a 21cm pot

Height 110cm

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