Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’ (Rubber Plant) 17cm Pot

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A popular, robust houseplant with shiny burgundy leaves and distinctly pink new growth. Not only hardy and low maintenance this plant will remove chemical toxins from the air, like formaldehyde.

Can be placed in a room with filtered light, however it’s best to keep it near a large window where it can get bright light. Direct sunlight produces the darkest burgundy colour on the leaves. This plant tolerates low indoor light, but the leaves fade to a light green colour.

Use a damp soft cloth to keep leaves dust free. Avoid moving your plant around unnecessarily as sudden changes of light and temperature can adversely affect your plant. Protect from cold drafts and mist foliage with a trigger sprayer to keep plants looking fresh and increase humidity.

Supplied in a 17cm pot

Height 75cm

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