Esschert Design Nest Box Wren Thatched Roof

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This traditional nesting box with rural feel and straw roof will give the Wren a good place to nest and will help conserve their population or help their reintroduction in a certain area. In the winter the box will be of good use to the birds that can take shelter from the elements.

Place the nesting box on a tree or wall at a maximum height of 2 m (6.6 ft.) in a well hidden spot between shrubbery. Not in direct sunlight or in the prevailing rain side, with an unhindered flight path for the bird. Due to the territorial behaviour of the birds it is best to hang he nesting box at a minimum of 10 m (32 ft.) away from nesting boxes of the same species and at a minimum of 3 m (10 ft.) away from feeding houses. Fall is the best time to clean a nesting box.

  • key hole opening
  • door on the side
  • 30 mm (1.181″) diameter entrance hole
  • suitable for Wren
  • L 13.8 x W 19 x H 20.7 cm
  • Material: Fir wood, straw

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