Esschert Design Insect Hotel


Small: Among the guests of this insect hotel are solitary bees, lacewings, ladybirds and earwigs. These are natural pest controllers which also pollinate your garden. It can be used as a place to nest, but also as a place of shelter during winter. L 14.5 x W 18.2 x H 24.1 cm  Material:  Pinewood, bamboo, zinc

Large: For solitary bees, green lacewing, ladybirds, butterflies and earwigs. Insects undertake many jobs in our gardens. For example, they pollinate plants and act as a natural pest controller. With this insect hotel you can offer several species at the same time the opportunity to nest and hibernate. The habitats of many species of insects are threatened by changes to their environment and this is a way of helping to protect them. L 14.9 x W 31.4 x H 48.3cm  Material: Pinewood, zinc, bamboo , straw, pine cone

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