Esschert Design Insect Hotel XL

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This insect hotel allows multiple species of insects to nestle and overwinter at the same time. The natural habitat of many species of insects is threatened due to changes in their environment and this is a way to help and protect them. The middle compartment offers protection and a home for common green lacewings, ladybirds and earwigs. The red colour of the door will attract common green lacewings in particular. Bees often hide in hollow sticks. Each bee requires a different size hole (or tube). The mason bee chooses a diameter between 3 and 7 mm (0.12/0.28”), while the common yellow faced bee prefer 2 to 4 mm (0.08/0.16”). Wild bees cover their tubes with loam. The brick in the middle of the insect hotel also serves as a nesting place for wild bees. During the day it absorbs the sun’s warmth and spreads this warmth over the offspring at night. The holes in the brick can serve as a nest for many insects.

L 12.9 x W 33.2 x H 54.3cm

Pinewood, zinc, stone, straw, pine cone


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