Eremurus (Foxtail Lily) Mix 4.5L Pot

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Foxtail lilies, Eremurus, are hardy perennials grown for their impressive flower spikes in June or July. Each spike is made up of hundreds of star-shaped flowers that are attractive to bees. Foxtail lilies flower for about three weeks and offer valuable height at the back of a border.

Plant foxtail lilies at the back of a sunny border in well-drained soil. Stake plants in windy areas and feed annually with a general purpose fertiliser. Cut back after flowering or leave to self-seed. Native to western and central Asia, foxtail lilies require a period of cold in winter, to encourage the best blooms.

Foxtail lilies do best in  full sun and well-drained soil, ideally sandy soil. The back of a border is perfect, as plants growing in front of them can hide unsightly foliage as the foxtail lilies start to die down after flowering. Give them plenty of space, however, as they don’t do well if crowded.

Supplied in a 4.5L pot

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