Dischidia Mix in 14cm Hanging Pot

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Dischidia plants are generally easy to grow and they make good houseplants.

The genus Dischidia belongs to the milkweed family (Apocynaceae) and is closely related to plants in the genus Hoya, another popular group admired for their showy, sometimes fragrant, often waxy flowers.

Some Dischidia species are fast growers while others grow in periodic spurts. Dischidia is an epiphyte – plants that grow on supports such as tree trunks or branches. Their stems may produce roots along the nodes to absorb nutrients and water and provide additional support for the plant.

Care: Dischidia species prefer a humid and well-ventilated location with at least half a day’s exposure to filtered sunlight. They can tolerate a couple of hours of direct sunlight but plants must be well-watered under such conditions. Avoid growing them in an overly windy place as the plants will dry out very quickly.

Supplied in a 14cm hanging pot

Price is per plant

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