Daphne ‘Eternal Pink Fragrance’ 17cm Pot

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Daphne ‘Eternal Pink Fragrance’ is a hybrid of Daphne caucasica and Daphne sericea. Daphne ‘Eternal Pink Fragrance’ is a compact, semi-evergreen shrub producing richly scented, pale-pink blooms. As the flowers are produced on new growth, it’ll keep flowering throughout the growing season, from spring to late autumn.

Grow Daphne ‘Eternal Pink Fragrance’ in full sun with well-drained soil – next to paths and seating areas is ideal, to best enjoy the fragrance. Avoid winter waterlogging and mulch in spring with well-rotted compost or leaf mould.

Little to no pruning is needed as the shrub has a neat growing habit.

Supplied in a 17cm pot

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