Cyrtomium falcatum (Japanese Holly Fern)

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Cyrtomium falcatum is a tough plant for growing indoors because it tolerates dry air, low light and gas fumes better than most other ferns.


Provide Cyrtomium falcatum with bright filtered light. These ferns can tolerate quite poor light, but only for short periods of time. If not in permanent bright position, they should be moved into a better light for a few hours periodically – every second day, if possible.

Normal room temperatures are suitable and these ferns can also tolerate temperatures down to 10°C. In warm position above 21°C they should be given extra humidity by being standing the pots on trays of damp pebbles.

Water them moderately enough to make the potting mixture to dry out between waterings. If the indoor temperature ever fall below 12°C for more than a few days, water sparingly allowing half of the mixture to dry out between waterings.

Apply a liquid fertiliser at half strength every two weeks to actively growing plants.

Supplied in a 12cm pot

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