Cyperus papyrus Percamentus (Dwarf Papyrus) 15cm Pot

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Cyperus papyrus percamentus is also known as a dwarf papyrus and it is related to a well-known plant that has its roots in history. Soft green clouds of papyrus lined the Nile River during the time of the pharaohs. The infant Moses was found among the bulrushes. Ancient Egyptians kept records of their pyramid building activities on papyrus sheets, from which we get the word “paper.” Today papyrus is appreciated for its beauty and is often used in ornamental landscapes. Like other sedges, the stem is triangular in cross section, and contains a white pith. Strips of this pith are soaked in water, then pounded together and dried to create paper.

  • This dwarf papyrus grows to a maximum height of around 60cm.
  • The strong green stems are topped with a ‘mop head’ of foliage.
  • It needs to be growing in moist or wet compost.
  • Ideal as a pond or marginal plant.
  • Can also be treated as a house pant, but be sure to keep the compost very moist.
  • Please note that this needs winter protection as it is not fully hardy.

Supplied in a 15cm pot

Height 50 cm

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