Cyclamen persicum ‘Super Serie Merengue Pink’

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These indoor Florist’s Cyclamen are perfect for creating a bright windowsill display. Enjoy the brilliant colours of Cyclamen persicum ‘Super Serie Merengue Pink’. Their vibrant blooms rise like fabulous plumage above neat clumps of foliage. The leaves are dark, moss green and intricately patterned with silver markings that remain attractive even after the flowers fade. Cyclamen persicum are easy to grow and make excellent houseplants for beginners, or a lovely welcoming gift to brighten up a new home.

Cyclamen require cool conditions, well away from central heating. Position them in bright light away from the direct glare of the sun. A bright porch, conservatory or spare room is ideal, with a temperature range from 10C – 18C.


Supplied in a 10.5cm pot

Price is per plant

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