Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm) in 14cm Pot

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Sago palm, Cycas revoluta, is not a palm at all but a cycad. However its palm-like, feathery foliage, and cones, make it very similar to a palm or tree fern. Native to the southern regions of the United States, it’s commonly grown as a houseplant in temperate climates. It’s ideal for growing in a container, which you can move outside in summer, however it is possible to grow it outside in milder regions, as long as winter protection is provided.

Grow Cycas revoluta in free-draining soil or compost in full sun. If growing outside as part of a tropical planting scheme, provide full protection in winter as temperatures below -5° will damage the leaves. Avoid over-watering as this can lead to root rot.

Supplied in a 14cm pot

Height 50cm

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