Cutting Globe Plant Propagator


This clever invention takes the hardship out of plant propagation. With these globes you can create new plants directly off your existing garden plants. It takes only minutes to prepare and within 8 weeks new roots develop along your plant’s stem. Ideal for a wide range of plants.

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How to Prepare

  1. Choose the stem you want to propagate
  2. Remove a 1 inch strip of bark around the stem.
  3. Remove bark right back to the white removing the green ‘Cambium’ layer.
  4. Cover the exposed 1 inch strip with rooting powder.
  5. Fill the globes with potting compost (Soak the compost first)
  6. Place the globe around the plant’s stem
  7. Leave in place for 8 weeks, until roots develop.
  8. Once sufficient roots develop, cut away the stem (from just below the globe).
  9. Voila! You have a new plant – ready for transplanting into a large pot or out into your garden


  • Bigger mature cuttings saving you years in growth.
  • Ready to flower or fruit new plants.
  • Quick & easy to use.
  • No mess & no fuss.
  • Cutting globes can be used on a wide range of plants.
  • Can be used year after year.
  • All you need is compost & rooting powder.
  • Irish designed and manufactured product.

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